16 JANUARY 2016: MATERIAL(I)SATION – A group exhibition

Date:09 March, 2016


Material(i)sation is the step between formalisation (to give something a define shape or to formalise thoughts) and evaluation (to determine a subjects, merit, worth or significance) of an idea.
Material(i)sation is therefore a concept which leads to the creation or appearance of matter from an unknown source. It is the process of creating an embodiment of an idea which can serve as a prototype for the future. Materialisation is thus the process of ‘coming into being’ or ‘becoming reality’.
The exhibition Material(i)sation thus provides a platform to expose artists conceptual thought patterns regarding new subject matter or an evolving technique or medium that they are investigating in their on-going body of work.

This exhibition serves the purpose of introducing and engaging the public, art collectors of Southern Africa and from abroad, with the new directions or theme that the artists are currently exploring and experimenting with, through their art at the present moment.

Participating Artists: Frans Smit; Joshua Miles; Judy Bumstead; Greta McMahon; Marna Hattingh; Dave Robertson; Niël Jonker; Vanessa Berlein; Chris Denovan; Mark Hilltout; Chris Diedericks; Annelie Venter; Miranda Combrinck; Annelie van der Vyver; Cedric Vanderlinden; Kelly John Gough; Hubert Barichievy; Jan Schutte; Judy Woodborne; Michele Davidson; Madelein Marincowitz; Susan Grundlingh; Johannes du Plessis; Skye Burns; Tanya Poole; Corlie de Kock; Jenny Ord; Anthony Harris,Theo Paul Vorster; Adriaan Diedericks; Andrew Mogridge: Diane McLean and Rudolph Rosochacki.

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