Adriaan Diedericks

Date:09 March, 2016


Sculptor Adriaan Diedericks sheds light on the process of individual growth. After building and opening his own casting foundry by the age of 26, Diedericks works with thrown away materials along with wax, clay and rotten wood. His sculptures often depict men, horses and ships. He sculpts his originals from the ground up to present the final casts in Bronze.

“I want my work to mimic the expansive landscape of my youth. My practice continually spills forth from two dimensional plans and drawings into the reality of three dimensions. Often my work manifests from objects and materials in my immediate surroundings, making predominant use of rotten wood that I find in forests. The wood rots due to water seeping into the centre, creating dry rot, which I like using as a Foucauldian metaphor that exists as “Knowledge is Power” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, in the same way that the water corrupts the wood.”

He finds himself by modelling philosophical statements involving perceptions of power and luxury and the struggles that are faced along the way of refining and directing the notion of self.

“Thinking of the body as a vessel for power, glory and inevitable humiliation is a key concept within my work – a thought which binds my reflections on masculinity and heraldic histories.”

Diedericks’ works intuitively from his foundry in Strand, with one piece informing the next.