Alex Marmarellis

Date:05 July, 2019


Alex Marmarellis was born in Cape Town in 1976. He studied Graphic Design, fine art and sculpture at The National School of the Arts in Johannesburg and graphic design and art direction at AAA School of advertising in Cape Town.

Whilst he has worked in a wide range of professions – from carpentry to furniture design and marketing – Alex returned to his love of art in 2010 when he started to paint again.

With a passion for photography, Marmarellis produces work from his own reference material as he carries his camera with him at all times, on the lookout for fresh inspiration. The artist’s  pieces are a narrative of his environment and the people in his life; his Beach paintings capturing one of Cape Town’s best loved pass times.

He currently resides in Cape Town, is married, and has two beautiful daughters.


My practise keeps shifting between painting, photography. It is important to me to source my own reference material and I always carry a camera with me. I have learnt that one can never know when the opportunity for a great photo will pop up. 

I take hundreds of images and then go through them one by one, looking for a handful that will work on their own or together…even just a portion of a image can be inspiring to me. I cut and paste people from one image into another depending on what I want the final out come to be and what will work best on the size canvas I have chosen. My medium preference is acrylic paint on canvas.

I am very interested in trying new ways to create art..sculpture, carvings, pencil, spraypaint etc. there is no medium I would not experiment with to get the best possible end result.