Amos Letsoalo

Date:17 March, 2020

  • Amos Letsoalo, Power Struggle II, Mixed Media on Paper, Framed w Glass, 62.5cm x 82.5cm
  • Amos Letsoalo, Phalaborwa, Mixed Media on Paper, Framed w Glass, 82.5cm x 62.5cm
  • Amos Letsoalo, Power Struggle III, Mixed Media on Paper, Framed w Glass, 82.5cm x 62.5cm


Mokgabudi Amos Letsoalo was born in 1969 in Molepo vilage, Lompopo Province. He claims that he was inspired by his mother’s decorave, traditional African paintings done with earth pigments on the walls of their house. He use to help with these paintings.

“My work is mostly inspired by indigenous people (in Africa) and their lifestyle. I find the household of the indigenous people in Africa very interesting, the objects/still lifes that one finds in every household. You either find objects like clay pots, some old bottles (which in many case are inherited from our ancestors to store traditional medicines and herbs).

I have my own perspective of what still life looks like to me as an African.

I am appropriating indigenous vocabulary, in imagery, use of colour and language in my painting. I am at the same time not doing realistic images, but I am trying to create the realistic feeling. You will always find images of bottles, pots, cups, etc. I call this process ‘painting and looking at the still life from an African perspective’.”

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