Date:17 March, 2020

Latest Collection of Works by

Nic de Jesus

21.03.2020 – 10.04.2020

Landscape and seascape painting and drawing have been the primary subject matter for South African artist, Nic De Jesus, however, his latest works speak to ‘Cosmic Forms’ and ‘Figurative Painting’ which is something new for the artist, or is it?

In an exhibition format, ‘Enclave’ is a nod to the artists’ love of film editing – a profession he once occupied. Nic uses ‘parallel editing’ – a technique of alternating two or more scenes that often happen simultaneously but in different locations. For example, the painting, Beyond the Pale a woman walking over a summit holding a vessel, will join the paintings Pneuma I & II and Prelude which at first sight resemble abstract forms.

While the work may have apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic undertones they are grouped to remind us of how connected we are.

The works limited colour palette, pigments which are often ground by the artist himself, is a nod to a time of great craftsmanship and is a reminder to Nic of all the masters that came before him and the lessons one may learn through history. The works continue to draw inspiration from the great sculptors and painters of the past and as a result Nic’s technique of layering translucent coloured oil paint, whereby each dried layer supports the next layer is again a ‘tip of the hat’ to those great masters. This technique of painting is slow but the end result is rich with depth and atmosphere.

‘And I ask…what will it be like… to live in union with our planet. Are we so different, you and I, that we require a crisis to see each other.’

Nic continues in his prefered ‘Series Format’ and ‘Enclave’ will sit amongst Nic’s opus of drawings and paintings, ‘The Fire Next Time’ & ‘Mare Incognitum.’