Date:04 September, 2019

28.09.2019 | 20.10.2019

Leila Fanner Solo Exhibition

Flourish, is a solo show by Leila Fanner – our most prolific abstract and figurative artist whose creative inspiration is directly related to spiritual dreams and personal dream symbols. She uses the natural world as her subject and explores her relationship with the material realm from both a metaphysical and spiritual viewpoint. 

Born to a South African artist and an African-American artist, Leila offers us a unique perspective influenced by her highly intellectual and creative upbringing. Her skills developed in the quest for experimental learning, and her style evolved into the much sought-after whimsical reveries with quite serious undertones. 

Let’s take a soulful leap into the exuberant energy of Spring, you and I. 

Life feels new again, full of promise and possibilities.

Through the medium of oil and oil pastel on wood, canvas and paper, I hope I can bring you a piece of this; 

the flourishing natural world, alive, in and around us. 

Sometimes Nature is vibrant, 

sometimes it is mellow, 

always it guides me to appreciate that my abundance 

is directly related to my presence in every moment.

There is nothing like the act of creating something, to make one acutely aware 

of the importance of being here, now. 

I encourage everyone to make a point of creating something daily – just for the fun of it.

– Leila Fanner