Frans Smit

Date:09 March, 2016


Frans Smit is a South African born artist and has participated in over 40 exhibitions locally and internationally.

Smit started out by studying photography, when he became interested in painting and was encouraged to complete short courses in painting at various institutions, including; the Chelsea College of Art and Design, the City Lit College and the prestigious St Martin’s College of Art and Design.

Smit’s focus is mainly on portraiture and still lives, which blends in a degree of abstract. His pieces are all oil-based artworks, which exhibit a natural and organic balance between the palette and textures used.

Smit’s work mixes the abstract with the real. His intent is to disrupt the traditional portrait, bringing a sense of distress, and the absurd.

Since 2015, Smit has exhibited in New York, Beirut, Denmark, London, San Francisco, Antwerp, and Miami.

In 2018 Smit participated in two international solo exhibitions: Galerie Solo, Antwerp, Belgium in May and Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark in October.

In May 2019, Smit participated in a group show at the Columbus Museum of art in Columbus, Ohio.

In June 2019 Smit participated in a residency at Galleria Banditto in Tuscany, Italy.