Helen Van Stolk

Date:14 October, 2017

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Helen van Stolk


It wasn’t until Helen van Stolk’s corporate high flying career in Retail Property began to interfere with the balance in her life that she started to truly understand the power of art and the freedom creativity brings.

In 2008, Helen transitioned into a full time artist.  8 years later, her career has launched into a whole new trajectory as she explores the magic of creating without boundaries – the art of playing, using colour and working intuitively from within.

Her work has been exhibited at the Cape Gallery, Red the Gallery, The Bay Hotel and numerous exhibitions at Kirstenbosch.   She has been featured in magazine publications, was selected as a Veluka finalist at ArtB, has been awarded Fellowship of the South African Society of Artists and has won numerous awards.

Her work is in homes and collections all over the world.