Jenny Merritt

Date:27 August, 2020

About the Artist

Jenny was born in Stellenbosch and attended the University of Cape Town. She studied painting under may hill house and Maurice van Esche, life drawing under Melvyn simmers, graphic art under Eleanor Esmond-White and sculpture under ivan mitford baberton. After her studies, jenny was guided and encouraged by her mentor, Robert Broadlry, the well-known portrait artist who was instrumental in furthering jenny’s early career. Her works are exhibited in most of the well-known galleries in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as at a number of other national galleries. Jenny also has collections in England, Ireland, Holland, Germany, America, Canada, Hong Kong and Dubai. Jenny’s work consists of abstracts, portraits, landscapes, seascapes, caricature, horse and animal studies (formal and impressionistic) she works in most media, e.g. Oil, acrylic, pastel, water-colour and mixed media. She has received numerous awards from the Western Cape water-colour society and the South African society of artists.