Lara Mellon

Date:27 September, 2017


Lara Mellon 

Lara lives in the misty hills of Assagay, KwaZulu-Natal, on a property named Hope Streams with both her husband and studio companion, Hugo.

“I am currently investigating the concept of ‘Transition’; of moving through context; be it an emotional or physical state. The works are predominantly mixed media, where a process of oil painting and found objects are often embedded in resin. I have a fascination with ‘time’ and ‘dimension’ and the existence ‘beyond’ these concepts.

I will often include bits of shredded map, thread, collected South African stamps, and the roman numerals of ‘X, V, i, ii and iii’ .

The figure represents the universal pilgrim.”


Her work shifts between the traditional mediums of oil on canvas, mixed media, collage and assembly. She has been exhibiting both locally and internationally since 2002.