Ley Mboramwe

Date:05 July, 2019


Ley Mboramwe was born in Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo.
He completed his Diploma in Fine Art from the Academie des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa in 2003 – the best Fine Art institute in central Africa. He is a first and foremost a Visual Artist who also has experience in Stone Letter Carving and Performance Art.

In 2008 He participated in the Vuleka Art Competition and was awarded best painting in water colour, oil and acrilyc.

He now live works in South Africa , Cape Town.

Artist Statement

“The images I produce partially relate to what happened in my country with regards to the war: the killings and looting of precious minerals from Congo. At the same time, I endeavor to make work that is more of a universal commentary balancing it with the influence of my origin. Where I come from, it is hot. Therefore, through the use of warm colours, you can see that I have not forgotten the land I come from. I try to be constantly aware and conscious of the current social and political circumstances, while not forgetting the socio-political influences of the past. Using what’s happening around me as stimuli, creates a sense of emotional drive and connection both personally and conceptually. If there is a canvas in front of me, I just start working. I usually start with the background and then proceed to sketch. I prefer for the process to happen naturally and intuitively. I don’t like working towards a set idea, as that limits me.”

– Ley Mboramwe



Alliane Francaise: group exhibition – Cape Town


(Maniata) Lingala: solo exhibition, Eclectica Contemporary
Creative Destruction: group show, Eclectica Contemporary


Body, Soul and Spirit, Eclectica ContemporaryTurbine Art Fair with Eclectica Contemporary in Johannesburg


Ubuntu/ Uhuru/ Awethu: group exhibition, Eclectica Contemporary
Fusion: group exhibition, Eclectica Contemporary
Forward? Forward! Forward…: group exhibition, Stellenbosch University Museums