Lindsay Patton

Date:09 March, 2016


Lindsay is a contemporary impressionist painter who exists between the earthy images and ethereal visions of landscape, mute and vivid color, thick yet delicately textured brushstrokes and the reality of a blank canvas. Her large mixed media artworks of oil, acrylic and charcoal, invite the viewer to discover invigorating color combinations.   Luminous lies next to serene, creating a unique and expressive reflection, an intrigue to the senses.  

From collage to kaleidoscope.  Patton is capturing the essence of a moment; a certain time of day, a particular color in the morning light, a mood or essence.   As she signs off on the vast expanse of her fanscinating environment, her viewers revel in the excitement of her expression.

I wait, to capture a certain flash of brilliant yellow, a stroke of an acid lime green lying in a distant field, or a terracotta sky.

Using the camera, I capture special moments that exist in nature.  I see all of life through the eyes of the lens with a deep desire to catch details of jagged textures, flowing forms and vivid colors, accentuated by radiant light.   I photograph during the “Magic Hours”, late afternoons and early morning, as sunlight filters through giant gum trees, across misted expanses of openness.  Waiting to capture a certain flash of brilliant yellow, reflected in a small pond, a stroke of an acid lime green lying in a distant field, or a terracotta sky.  It’s landscape under a magnifying glass; sections of wood, plant and water which reference the intense diversity traversing the terrain.

I create a collage of images, a kaleidoscope of memories, to form a collective image in my mind and then, I pause, and return to the canvas.  My masters of influence span the classical impressionistic era of Mannet and Monet, the great play of fire-like light in Turners’ works, to the dramatic mood of Rembrandt, who found his one source of light.

Working is integrated with everyday life.  Easels are set up to take advantage of nature’s backdrop and days are spent under the patio vines, an expanse of water and willow tress to the north.  To the south, over misty grasslands, layered mauve and rust fynbos, fields stretch up to the distant, yet dramatic Franschhoek mountains.  A valley whose four seasons provide a shifting subject of natural elements, combined with the intangible essence of universal force.

I see myself as a ‘Contemporary Impressionist’, painting in thick oils, textured acrylic, charcoals and ink.  Using mostly life sized canvases, I enjoy bold, splashing brush strokes for landscapes and florals.  I approach nudes with gentle, subtle charcoal and monochromatic pastel.   The neutral pallet and then the confident contrast of vibrant colors, drawing on inspiration from my photographic images.

Absolute inspiration, poetry and quotes from Shakespeare, a raconteur of life stories, in turn add life to my artworks.  I observe the effects of inks and pastels, all while learning how to hold a pencil in a way that I can express maximum artistry. I like using the textures of sand and marble dust, especially when applying acrylic.  Even water alone on acrylic creates an interesting effect.   A valuable lesson…nothing on canvas is ever wasted!

Because I have no formal art foundation, the uninhibited come to the fore with a bold and experimental approach to painting.  I’m apparently unlimited by ‘rules’.