Lynette Thabo

Date:16 May, 2018

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Lynette Thabo

“Urban design and city building are surely among the most auspicious endeavours of this or any age, giving rise to a vision of life, art, artefact and culture that outlives its authors. It is the gift of its designers and makers to

The future.” -Donald Watson.

Donald Watson best describes the idea of aiming to illustrate the societies continuous evolution of the various existing components within the Built Environment that surrounds us. The basis of this research accommodates for both the layperson and expert allowing for each to view it’s different facets either holistically as Art, identify the depiction of urban design and mix media whilst others may identify its controversial dialogue that could hopefully redirect how people perceive Architecture, Urban Design and the Socio- economic aspects that greatly influence human nature.


Having recently graduated in Architecture, I greatly believe in utilising platforms that assist in appropriating how this discipline has an impact on people and the socio-economical entities that contribute to the extensive misinterpretation of what city planners and urban designers envision for our future cities.


The overall approach seeks to spark dialogue about these complexities in order to collectively reach possible future solutions even if it is by means of a conceptual development with the focus of enlightening the viewer.