Mark Hilltout

Date:09 March, 2016


I have an honours diploma in Graphic Design from Birmingham College of Art and Design. I have spent most of my working life as head of Art for Ogilvy working in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, New York and Europe.

A love of Africa has been in my blood ever since I first travelled overland through the continent as a young man. I live and work out of my loft in Woodstock, where I bring mere ideas to life. My current challenge is to being to life the textural beauty of unwanted, rusted and painted corrugated iron.

I am fascinated by imperfection, in all facets of Art and Design. This has drawn me to the beauty of old, painted and rusted corrugated iron.

To unearth the delicate patinas and textures that have formed naturally over time.
To take these metal sheets away from their cluttered environments, examine them and understand their fragile elegance. Then work and re-form them, bring their inherent exquisiteness to life and our attention.

To expose the depth within a block of colour and texture allowing it to evolve and deviate in front of our eyes. To get lost in the abstractness, and find ourselves again.

My current work has been most influenced by the paintings of William Turner (1775-1851), mark Rothko (1903-1970) and Nicolas De Stael (1914-1955).