Migeshi Bodatu

Date:22 December, 2020

Artist statement

Born and raised in Daresalam, Tanzania, I grew up among many different types of artists. I was intrigued by art from a very young age. I use art as a tool to communicate with people as I create stories with my art. I am a visual artist who creates fine and contemporary art. I also do oil painting and drawings of texture and color. I use oil paint, acrylic and canvas as a media of my art.

I started painting in 1999, in Daresalam, Tanzania. My artwork is influenced by day to day life in Africa as a whole. My art interprets and portrays Africa’s rich traditions and diverse beauty.  I convey my thoughts on the political, social, and environmental spheres and cultural traditions in different parts of Africa into art.

Although I was born with an explainable burning desire within me to create visual art, I took the words of Pablo Picasso to heart when he said, “Every child is born an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”, that’s why after completing high school, I decided to go to an art school to enhance my skills and growth as an artist.

I moved to Cape Town, South Africa to seek a better market for my art. I like to spend my time, painting, creating new stories, exploring different ways of making my art unique. During the lockdown, due to Covid -19, I spent most of time working on art, so I could improve and become the artist that I inspire to be.