Paintings of Painters, Frans Smit

Date:25 January, 2019

Paintings Of Painters

 26.01.2019  | 18.02.2019

This solo exhibition sees Frans’ return to the South African art scene after four years of highly successful shows across the globe in New York, Copenhagen and Brussels to name a few.

Art In The Yard is delighted to invite you to enjoy Frans’ latest collection of works dedicated to the giants of art and  to prominent local South African artists that has so inspired Frans along his career this far.

“My aim is to portray painters in big bold brush strokes, to try to evoke emotion and compress as much information into the least amount of brush strokes, hoping that they create an image that makes sense to the viewer.

Frank Auerbach once said that ‘painting is a set of connections, a set of sensations of conflicting movements and experiences, which somehow, one hopes, has congealed or cohered and risen out of the battle into being an image that stands for itself’.

This really resonates with me, especially the part about the “conflicting movements“. My work is just that.
In this series of “Paintings of Painters”, the thick paint is almost flesh like.”