Sheekha Kalan

Date:19 July, 2019

Artist Statement

I am very passionate about transformation; namely inner transformation. The emphasis in my work is about presenting and creating a space for self- reflection as this has proven to be one of the most powerful practices that has transformed my mind, emotions and the ability to embrace and enjoy life as it develops. Please see attached the write-up for my latest exhibition titled Atman, in which I briefly describe the topic for my Masters dissertation and the emphasis on connecting to the Atman through the practice of self-reflection.

Sheekha wanted to create a survival kit which one could use in this day and age – as though when the clock strikes 12 the possibility of the end of the world draws closer.  

Sheekha included a mantra – om namo Narayana – in the survival kit which one can use to chant.

This mantra transforms one’s mind and brings peace to oneself and one’s surrounding. A different perspective is one of the most important strengths one can have during our current times and it is through the mantra that we can experience a perspective filled with hope and love.

The string that is inside the plastic of ‘Unity’ has approximately 108 knots which I made whilst chanting.

108 is a sacred number and a common number of beads on a rosary.


I was briefly involved in the early stages of the Walter Battiss exhibition (opening at the Wits Art Museum tomorrow evening) last year.  I am currently working at MAKER Gallery twice a week. The rest of my time is dedicated to the Visiting Artist Residency at the Bag Factory. This residency is sponsored by artist Benon Lutaaya. I will be exhibiting my work at the Lizamore and Associates Gallery in November this year – this exhibition marks the final point of the residency, where I will show the work that I have made during these 4 months (June – September).