Sherri Haupt

Date:18 December, 2020

Artist Statement

True creativity means constantly challenging our interpretations. Reinventing what we see in the natural world and more specifically the organic African landscape, is the inspiration that drives my passion to create unique art. Each piece is the culmination of a lifetime spent in various art forms, from interior design to fashion design to ceramics – where I exhibited work at the Coro brick national and regional exhibitions. I prefer using mixed media that extends beyond the norm to bring a sense of the unexpected to the colour, texture and balance of my work. This includes mixing oils with oxidised metals (patina) to truly reflect the rugged nature of organic elements on either canvas, linen or Egyptian cotton. I find this works particularly well for large-scale pieces where the true impact of the media is maximised. I relish my life as an artist, and take enormous pride in my paintings which adorn homes throughout South Africa and globally from San Diego to London to Melbourne. I have also taken on several commissions for commercial spaces.