SOJOURNS: Ephemeral Nature 19.06.2019 – 17.07.2019

Date:23 May, 2019

”We call it ‘Nature’; only reluctantly admitting ourselves to be ‘Nature’, too.” From ‘Sojourns in a parallel world’ by Denise Levertov

What is more glorious than the fleeting beauty of a flower? What is more intangible than the shifting light of dusk? More constant in its transformation than the seasons?

A meditation on the delicate, impermanent nature of our existence and the rhythms of reformation in our lives, Sojourns: Ephemeral Nature will showcase various artists during the winter months as a nod to the primal yearning for the rebirth of the Earth every spring, while we trudge through the cold, dark, and grey months, reminding us that everything is short lived. A sliver of optimism, this exhibition will see us through in exquisite colour.

Participating Artists

Adriaan Diedericks; Arabella Caccia; Antoinette Hampton; Annelie Venter; Greta McMahon; Helen van Stolk; Joshua Miles; Kirsty May Hall; Lara Mellon; Leila Fanner; Lindsay Patton; Marlene Horak; Rebecca Jones; Richard Scott; Sally Arnold; Vanessa Berlein; Nic de Jesus; Madelein Marincowitz; Kathy Botha; Sheekha Kalan; Mark Hilltout.

More details about this exhibition soon. Please contact us if you have any questions.