Up to the Mark

Date:12 August, 2021

DEFINITIONS: Mark meaning, definition, what is mark: to write or draw on something, … so that someone will notice what you have written I’ve marked the pages you need …

We are proud to start off the summer season with this exhibition running from 11th September until 5th October 2021 with a strong focus on abstract works. Abstract art uses elements of form of marks, lines, colours, shapes and so much more to achieve a desired effect. With this exhibition we allow the artist as well as the viewer to explore their minds in a world where there are no tangible boundaries, to perceive that which speaks to them and to provoke an emotional engagement.

The outstanding artists we will be featuring will include Greta McMahon, Dave Robertson, Helen van Stolk, Alistair Berg Carmen Clews, Haidee Nel, Arabella Caccia and Theo van der Merwe, whose exquisite work we are proud to introduce in our gallery for the first time.